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February 4, 2012

At long last

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Here we are again, fresh off Groundhog’s Day, I’ve decided to begin putting my resolutions into effect. One of them, of course, is to write more on here. We’ll see. 

I suppose the first thing that ought to be said, the most pressing news around here, is that my suite is now fully equipped with nerf guns. Regular battles do occur, sometimes spilling out into the staircase as we madly try to defend ourselves from the onslaught of another person’s spewing barrel. The nerf gun proliferation happened in the follow way. My birthday was in December, and as a gesture of kindness, Matthew, my roommate, thought it would be nice to purchase me a nerf gun and darts. He, however, didn’t count on the effect that would have on a young man who never owned a projectile launching weapon in his childhood for the very valid reason that he would have probably inflicted serious harm on his two younger sisters. Regardless, the effect of this new weapon was instantaneous. I felt a new sense of power and control, a new way to exact my will on those around me. Observing the fun I was having, all my suitemates decided that they too, needed to equip themselves for the days ahead. So, if you walk into our room, first observe the layer of nerf darts that litter the floor, and second, duck. 

Another relatively important life event I ought to cover, was winter tour for the Winks. Our January saw us in Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. The locals complained that the weather was not normal for that time of year, with virtually snow on the ground. In addition to the concerts we performed at hometowns, we found time to have fun with other things. We went ice skating at the Petit ice center in Milwaukee, which is where the U.S. Olympic Speedskating team practices. It is certainly humbling to be staggering around while 5 and 6 year olds speed past you backwards. Also in Milwaukee, we went paintballing 


I think the picture (Courtesy of N. Dolquist), about sums it up. 

“What else do people in Milwaukee do?” We asked ourselves. “Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, we answered. So, when we found an opportunity to tour the Pabst factory, we jumped on it. However (and this is a very big however), what we didn’t realize was that Pabst is actually now brewed by Miller and the old abandoned office buildings we were about to tour were (sort of) owned by a man who arrived 15 minutes late for our “tour.” The tour itself consisted of him showing us old commercials for Pabst, and taking us upstairs to see the old offices of the company. The offices would have been great but for the fact that they were missing sheetrock, etc and featured boxes with obtuse labels such as “electrical” and “Christmas.” We had a jolly old laugh after we left. 

Minneapolis was also stellar. We all played boot hockey (for those of you Oregonians to whom the concept of a frozen lake is foreign, boot hockey is sport played on the ice of a frozen lake that involves teams of three wielding hockey stick, a ball, two hockey goals and a fire. The fire is not strictly necessary, but it added a nice touch. 

I really wanted to go to John Piper’s Bethlehem Baptist church, but it didn’t seem to work into our schedule, though we did drive by it. Instead, we went to the Mall of America, which is the largest Mall in North America and has something like 350 stores on four floors and hundreds of thousands of square feet. It features a theme park in the middle as well as a rather dirty atmosphere. 

That’s the quick scoop on Winter tour, and important information about the hazards of living in I-10. 

I’ll talk more about my classes, and the Winks brief excursion to Charlottesville next time. 

Hope this finds you all well! 


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