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September 28, 2011


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There are few things more important than the following news clip: New Haven now has an Apple Store! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, located a block from campus, this magnificent shrine to the wedding of technology and Steve Jobs features everything a macophile could hope or dream to enjoy. It is chock full of helpful employees, eager to encourage you how best to spend that hard earned cash, and shoppers, eager to fit in to the fashionable crowd with their new ipad, ipod touch and iphone. Some other lesser known products particularly suitable to the Yale crowd are iBlame (for those tough situations where you forgot to do a problem set), iMug (for wet, rainy evenings, like this one) and iX (in case of a title IX emergency). I can’t wait to go there for another iOpeningExperience.

Other developments: Fall is the retreat season. Exams come stunningly soon, and so it is a good opportunity for newly developed groups to take a break, procrastinate the work that will smack them in the face on Monday, and have a good time away from New Haven. As of this weekend, I will have been on three such retreats in as many weekends.

As summer rather rudely reverts to fall, with days of blistering humidity mitigated by days of utter downpour, Yale gradually assumes a more studious atmosphere. The nightly party so prevalent the first week of classes is nowhere to be found, the libraries are filling up and stress levels are slowly starting in increase as midterms that have only existed in the mind as theoretical propositions become grinding and sudden realities.

Here are a couple pictures from around campus as summer winds to an end. 




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  1. Listen to Part 2. When you have time, though I recommend making the time!

    Comment by AC — October 2, 2011 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

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