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September 14, 2011

Framing Effect

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Eccentricities about around here. Take Michael Frame, my math professor. His 5’6″ frame is topped by a full grey beard that graces his neck down to the shirt collar. His black, thick rim glasses are the windows through which his kind, intelligent eyes peer at the equation he has just written on the board. His short sleeved collared button down is constantly tucked into his grey pants that ride just as high as possible and are dutifully secured by a black belt. Halfway through class, he interrupts the material with 3 carefully selected jokes from the Prairie Home Companion. He is known for ending the first day of class with the following line: “I just have to tell you. I have inoperable cancer, and I might not make it through the semester.” This line perfectly epitomizes both his morbid sense of humor and incredible drive to teach. Consider this quote that came up during a discussion of chemotherapy application: “Everyone in my family has cancer, but my brother and I got the worst of it. Well, actually, my mom’s dead, so I guess she got the worst of it.” A better math teacher I never have had. And he was one of the founders of fractal geometry.


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  1. i am dying to know if you wrote this while in class. if so, wordpress has saved another bored college student yet again. 😉

    Comment by Gretchen Gantenbein — September 26, 2011 @ 3:15 pm | Reply

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