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April 27, 2011

Wednesday Words: Round the Mulberry Bush

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It is remarkable how winter can get you down, but more remarkable how little you notice it until Spring bursts forth in its brightly arrayed trees and warm breezes. Yesterday, it was 70 degrees! Incredible. I feel like a new man.

The year is really winding down. After last weekend’s concert, the Spizzwink experience has mellowed into occasional concerts and preparation for winter tour, along with deliberations for next year’s leadership.

I had a tremendous time with AnnaChristie, my cousin, who was able to come out to visit for a few days. We drank a lot of coffee, rehashed a lot of memories and she looked at a lot of buildings. We took New York City by storm, which ended up meaning that we got very cold and wet. However, we saw a large portion of the city, ate a good piece of cheesecake and looked at some nice paintings. Overall, it was really encouraging to have her come out and to be able to share my life with her. Hint: AnnaChristie sets a good example.

Classes are over!

Work is not, though. I have a paper due tomorrow and a presentation and Philosophy assignment due Friday. After that, though, the only things on my to do list are three finals and “board plane for Europe.”

Easter, the most wonderful time of the year, has come and gone. I have so much candy from Oma and my mother that I think I will gain my freshman 15 in the next day or two as I rapidly work to finish it before leaving on tour.

Back to the grind…


April 7, 2011

Wednesday Words: Back on Track

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Yes, an accomplishment. Wednesday words actually published on Wednesday (Pacific Standard Time, though (It’s better than nothing.))


Spring is almost here. It is trying to push the harsh winter aside. Yesterday morning felt positively balmy, the buds full of potential flowers are becoming more and more evident, people are breaking up and┬ámaking up, and stress is increasing as the end of term looms, bringing with it finals and freedom. Even so, the harsh wind that bites through clothing and cuts through buildings is a reminder that Spring is not… quite… here… yet…. and that there is still a great deal to accomplish before that final final is finished and summer officially starts.

One of those things is a concert. This Friday the Glee Club will be joined by the Yale Symphony Orchestra in a huge performance at Carnegie Hall. One piece will be a debut of a newly commissioned work (read: weird piece of music someone is trying to pass of as being profound and meaningful) and Ralph Vaughn William’s stunning Dona Nobis Pacem (which actually is meaningful and profound.) It will be a very unique experience, one I doubt I will get again soon.

The Spizzwinks are preparing for our biggest concert of the year, a week from Friday. The music is becoming more solidified, and it should be a great show. I’m looking forward to that night as well.


I went up East Rock on Monday, where there is a beautiful overlook of New Haven. The barren trees made the city look so different than it does in the fall or late spring. The city felt colder, starker, more exposed somehow. I was in the midst of wishing for a less windy day, when a hawk swooped by me, buoyed along on the very same wind I was at that moment rueing. It was a startling image, especially as I looked down and saw dozens of these birds gliding along, their wings rigidly extended, their bodies taut, their eyes unflinching. And I thought, what an incredible faith. That they would just extend their wings and let the wind take them where they are going, not resisting the breeze or fighting against the gusts, but simply holding firm, plank-like. It must have been frightening, learning how to do this. “But mum,” the little one said to its mother (note: I have no information on how these birds communicate. This is not fact, merely my slightly demented, sleep-deprived imagination at work) “What if the wind drops out from under me? What if I fall? What if I’m not strong enough to stop myself from hitting the ground?” To which she would likely answer, much to his consternation, “We all fall. But hold fast. Be firm. Extend your wings, and you will be caught again.”

I guess what struck me about these creatures was their devotion to being the best they could be at that one task, positioning their body in such as way as to make the most of the drafts and currents; they did not try to control the wind, or rage when a draft went the wrong way. They simply held firm, remained true

and flew.


“They will soar on wings like eagles;”

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