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March 31, 2011

Wednesday Words: Should have done this sooner

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I think I’ve discovered why it is that Wednesday Words have been much less consistent this semester: I have a Wednesday Chemistry Lab. While this does take up a large portion of the daytime, it also takes me out of a distinctly creative writing mood and into a sort of angry, unhappy mood. However, as the lab will soon come to an end, you can be expecting more regularity from here on out.

Yesterday was almost a beautiful day. In the morning, one could really taste a bit of Spring in the air before a cold wind came as a reminder that New England isn’t ready for the changing of the seasons yet. The forecast for tomorrow is rain, then snow the next day. Yet, we are hopeful that there may be a light at the end of the long, wintery tunnel. Mornings like yesterday’s encourage that hope.

So, speaking of Spring, I can know move into the real subject of this post, which is an exciting Spring Break on tour with the Spizzwinks(?). We started in San Diego, performing several concerts, going to the Zoo, the beach and many fine restaurants. We then moved to LA, where we performed many more gigs, including at an Anaheim Ducks hockey game, and ended up in New Zealand’s South Island before heading back to Auckland and home.

I have taken some of these pictures from Eli, David and Alec, and I am grateful for their contribution. If you want to see many, many more, check out the facebook albums.


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